We offer a wide range of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Equipments to our clients. These efficient and reliable devices are effective in treating Pains, Swelling, other Neuromuscular and Muscular-Skeletal disorders.
Laser Therapy
Knee Laser Pain Relief
Short Wave Diathermy
Body Shaping Equipment
Body Shaper Unit
Continuous Passive Motion
Ultrasonic Liposuction Equipment
Longwave Diathermy
Microwave Multifunction Therapeutic Apparatus
Slimming Equipment
Exercise Equipment
Digital Muscle Stimulator
Rehabilitation Equipment
Shoulder Wheel
Cervical Traction Device
Traction Table Unit
Four Channel Tens
Combination Therapy Equipments
Interferential Therapy Unit
Diamond Dermabrasion Series
E-Light IPL Machine
Cryolipolysis Beauty Machine
Slimming Equipment for Gym
Laser Therapy for Rehabilitation Centers
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
Ultrasonic Therapy Unit
Surgical Cautery
Lympha Press Air Compression Therapy
I.F.T. Vacuum
Kinesiology Tapes
Physiotherapy Equipments
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